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Having a good life means making the right choices – a positive outlook, regular exercise and the right food. Nutritious food that are rich in vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants, such as protein and fiber-rich fruits and nuts, always make the best recipe for fitness and health. Living the good life is a choice.

With over two decades of supplying the food manufacturing and food service industries, DANE INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES, INC., is a trading company specializing in the supply of U.S.-origin Nuts, California Raisins, other dried fruits, and food ingredients.

Our competitive pricing, excellent product quality, exceptional service, on-time delivery and understanding of our customers' needs are fundamental to our success as a preferred supplier to the food manufacturing and food service industries.

We offer the ingredients to a good life.


Our mission is to be a major player in the national distribution and supply of agricultural raw materials and hotel equipment and supplies to its present and prospective clientele. Over the years of operations, business relationships have been established with foreign packers/handlers, suppliers and manufacturers for exclusive representation of their products or services in the Philippine market. Market research for the particular product lines for distribution is conducted by the company to ensure success in achieving its objectives set for the particular Principals / Suppliers.

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