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Stuffed Chicken with Raisins and 8 Treasures


Stuffed Chicken with Raisins and 8 Treasures

Recipe courtesy of Chef Heny Sison
Product: California Raisins

  » 1700 g Whole chicken (de boned)
  » 120 g Gin
  » 60 ml Sesame Oil
  » 340 g Glutinous Rice
  » Water (for soaking)     
  » 90 g Onions (chopped)
  » 20 g Garlic (chopped) 
  » 60 ml Oyster sauce
  » 60 ml Gin
  » 240 ml Soup Stock
  » Stock from the chicken
  » 15 g Cornstarch
  » 30 ml Water
  » 120 ml Cooking oil (for brushing)
  » 40 g Chinese chorizo (cubed)
  » 150 g Tocino/Pork BBQ (cubed)
  » 200 g Chicken Breast (cubed)
  » 20 g Chinese Mushroom (cubed)
  » 60 g Dried shrimp (hibe/cubed)
  » 35 g Lotus seeds (soaked in hot water)
  » 2 pcs. Salted egg yolk
  » 70 g California Raisins
  » .75 g White pepper
  » 25 g Shallots (chopped)
  » 10 g Garlic (chopped)
  » 59 ml Cooking Oil
  » 7.5 ml Soy sauce
  » 15 ml Oyster sauce
  » 10 ml Sesame Oil
  » 150 g Mustard green (sliced)
  » 40 g Carrots (sliced)
  » 25 g Sweet peas


Wash chicken.  With a knife, cut off the bones and slice the meat into cubes.

2. Soak the skin of the chicken in gin and sesame oil. Store this in a chiller until ready to use.



Wash the rice until the water becomes clear and then soak in water for 2 hours. Brush a separate bowl with oil. Set aside.

2. After 2 hours, strain the soaked rice. Sauté in hot oil; briefly toss this until the aroma of sautéed rice comes out. Set aside.



Pan-fry the tocino and chorizo in oil; when cooked, cut these in cubes.

2. Sauté briefly in oil shallots, garlic and dried shrimps, then slowly add the tocino, chorizo, chicken, California Raisins and Chinese mushrooms. Stir-fry until cooked then add the seasonings.
3. Mix together the rice and fillings. Stuff this into the chicken until ¾ filled.
4. Add the salted eggs in the middle portion. Transfer the chicken in the oiled bowl and steam this for an hour.



Transfer the chicken into a platter and set aside the remaining stock.

2. Divide the onions and garlic into 2 portions. Sauté briefly in hot oil the first half portioned with mustard green and sweet peas. In a separate pan, sauté the other half with carrots then add the seasonings, soup stock and the stock from the steamed chicken. Thicken this with cornstarch and water mixture.
3. Pour in the sauce over the chicken and top with the sautéed vegetables.